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Tengen Toppa Gurren Glasses

In Gurren Lagann, Glasses are GAR
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A place to post your favorite Gurrendom glasses
Gurren Glasses
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What is it?
This is a community dedicated to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, a robot-action series by GAINAX. (Click the pic above for more info at the wiki.) Specifically, this is a community for collecting the GAR that is Kamina's awesome sunglasses, wherever they may 'show up'. Other Gurren glasses are also welcome. In fact, you can go ahead an stick any random glasses on anyone in Gurren, too. All that matters is gathering as Kamina glasses, so that you, the lurker, may revel in teh lolz. So spread the Kamina~! Go go!

How's it work?
Simple! Just post your Kamina'd (Kaminized?) GARified pictures/icons. Anything is fine, just try to consider both the lolz and Kamina's all-around GAR. The picture up-top is the general template, though there is the alternate Starfish style.

What if I don't have Photoshop? (or OpenCanvas, or Painter, etc...)
Then make a request! The post should include the word 'Request' somewhere in the title, and you will have to provide the picture you want. (The world isn't filled with mind readers.) Also, if you get a picture and you don't like it, deal with it. Seriously, don't be picky. It's free.

I want to respond to requests! Can I?
Sure! Go for it. There's no rule against spamming somebody with Kamina'd pictures they requested.

All LJ rules apply, duh.
1. Be nice. No on likes a troll. No one.
2. Keep it relevant. If it has Gurren, it's cool. It can be a picture of broccoli with Kamina glasses, and it would still belong here. No Gurren? It belongs somewhere else.
3. LJ-cuts are your friend. (or Spoilers and big images under an LJ-cut.) Naturally, anything possibly offensive should go under a cut. (Which is to say, yaoi/yuri should go under a cut)
4. This comm is anything-friendly. Yaoi, yuri and het, as long as it has Gurren glasses, is fine.
5. WHAT ABOUT CAPSLOCK? Well, for one, it means you're happy, so you can abuse the heck out of that Shift key, if that's how you feel. Just try not to do it too much. We don't all hang out in capslock comm's all day.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is ©GAINAX. Also, it's been licensed by ADV, so show your support when you get the chance!
(Stylesheet by refuted) (Which is to say, not me.)